Green Flows The River Of Lethe-O – Edith Sitwell

Edith Sitwell was, in my opinion, one of the 20th Century’s great poets. That she is not better remembered or better thought of remains to some extent a mystery to me. Upon reflection I would say it was a product of her unrepentant high mindedness and, despite her poetic originality, for her refusal to surrender to the fashionable trends of her day, be they literary or otherwise. She was lampooned and pilloried for her self-consciously aristocratic eccentricity and her adherence to her own quite unique vision of high art. It is a great pity that these historical facts have continued to isolate her and prevent her superb and visionary poetry from gaining a wider audience in modern times. It is, I find, truly unique, majestic, and brilliant. Here the first of several I shall post in the next little while.

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