The Old Ships

I am a professional sailor. I have been inspired to record this by the evergreen sailing of another professional sailor’s posts as he plies the waters which first inspired this poem, and its antecedents.

2 thoughts on “The Old Ships”

  1. It is too rare a thing, and good, to be reminded that poetry was meant to be spoken, and brought to life by the sound of the human voice and timbre of the human spirit. Since time immemorial, before the bright innovation of video, this was all we had to inspire our imagination to picture the myths we created whose archetypes explained us to ourselves, and sometimes gave us the template of a hero’s path to aspire to. What we have gained in technology and facility of consumption, we have commesurately lost in the fruitfulness of our imaginations, because little is left for our minds eye to do, and in a reversal of the blind poet who could see the history of war and odyssey and the struggles of the spirit within them through darkness and bring these things to light, we have through too much seeing, become awash in images and blind to the meanings of the stories as stories and poems were intended to illumine. When we hear great poetry spoken, the words on the page, especially those who have survived through time, so that the dead may speak their essential truths or wonder to us, become through the alchemy of the speakers voice, magic, capable of transforming the existential meaninglessness of existence into the heros’ quest once again, so that the wind fills our sails and sets us in the right course again toward the horizon.

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